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A rising rate of oil is a raising problem in the minds of all human beings and especially in the minds of scientists and engineers for getting a future fuel, which will not raise any more problem. Then they get an unsolved answer, that is the WATER which is the gift of god and is plenty on earth.

How can we use water as a fuel ?

As we study in smaller classes the water can be electrolyzed by using  water, a salt, electrodes, etc. Which will then gives two component gases OXYGEN and HYDROGEN, in the ratio 1 : 2 , that is ONE part of oxygen and TWO part hydrogen.

After the electrolysis in a closed container , if we bring a spark near the nose and open it there will form a combustion of the hydrogen gases, which is collected during electrolysis. If we could use this combustion inside the engine cylinder, then we could gain a vast future in our hand.

Thus there comes the idea of generating OxyHydrogen ( Oxygen-1 + Hydrogen-2) or “HHO“, and using it in right way to produce the required result.

A pure stoichiometric mixture is most easily obtained by water electrolysis, which uses an electric current to dissociate the water molecules:

electrolysis: 2 H2O → 2 H2 + O2
combustion: 2 H2 + O2 → 2 H2O

It says that for a combustion of Hydrogen and Oxygen will produce only water in the form of steam. Where steam having no pollution in the atmosphere.


For cars (gasoline) there is a chance of coversion of normal engine to a OxyHydrogen enabled engine which uses the technique explained above. Besides cars there is also a probability of converting the bikes and also the heavy vehicles to a HHO fueled engine. Since the water andhydrogen is renewable and will not pollute the atmosephere. For aviation turbojet engines the HHO will produce a tremendous change. Low cost of running and maintanance will take the technique to the common man also.

Hydrogen has a LCV(Lower Calorific Value) above that of gasoline and the diesel. It is around 241.8 KJ.

For welding (Gas welding) it had started using HHO as a fuel.

Typical Gas Welding machine uses HHo as a fuel.

Typical Gas Welding machine uses HHo as a fuel.


  • Risk of blaster of hydrogen (If stored as Hydrogen only).
  • Storage of Hydrogen needs low temperature and high pressure. Which makes it difficult to be used in vehicles.

How can we use it in vehicles

By making a chamber for electrolysis of water and a collecting tube which may or may not mix the Hydrogen and Oxygen. Then the collected gas is then stored temporarily in a cylinder for immediate use of the fuel. The Advantage of the HHO is that it can be burned at a HHO percentage ranging from 4%  to 94%. Out of the range it may not burn or may damage the cylinder walls.

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