Posted in Car Review by Manu E Nampoothiri on August 16, 2009


Fiat LINEA a satisfactory work of FIAL(Fiat India Automobiles Ltd) is a semi-luxury sedan car. It has packed in with many utilities of space and features.

Let us get into to some of its technical details:
Technical Specs


Appealing, Fluid and stylish exterior body design. Dual parabolic head lambs add more to the  look of the car. Grille is looking more metallic and give a feel of raising forward. Tail lambs seen more blended to the body design. Any way it is a new type of sedan to look less aerodynamic.
Interior of the car is equipped with well featured instrument cluster. The dash and the interior as a whole is furnished in black and beige colours.

Seats are tailored on welvet and more space is made to avail for the users. More storage space in boot (about 500 Liters), Driver can recognize and control all the actions on door and window. A two din CD/MP3 player blended with the borad seems more cute.

My Car

Almost all models include “My Car” system, which enables the driver to communicate with the car easily. Warnings, information of the engine, speed etc are displayed on the front  display.The top end models such as “EMOTION Pack” are equipped with integrated bluetooth system “Blue&Me” to communicate easily with your mobile and to control the music player through the buttons on the steering drum. It also enables to read SMS on the front display.



The petrol engine in linea is FIRE(Fully Integrated Robotised Engine) a powerful and silent one and delivering a fair speed and acceleration. But it is a bit thirsty one. Whereas the diesel engine is an economical and at many of the times it shows 20km/ltr or above with A/C.Multijet Diesel engine with VGT (Variable Geometry Turbocharger)is used in the linea. Diesel engine is a roaring one but the vibrations or the sound of the engine will never irritate the passengers. Nice insulation of sound and heat, which improves comfort inside the car.

Multijet Diesel Engine

Multijet Diesel Engine


The driving and handling of the car is more satisfactory .But acceleration of diesel car is a bit sluggish but after reaching speed above 40 km/hr it accelerates some more energetically. Clutch is very smooth and so driving is effort less. Gear shift is somewhat not smooth, Steering is a bit outstanding so the handling. Brakes are free to apply and is more reactive. About 134 km/hr the vehicle is smooth and vibration less, no experience futher the speed. Good control on road.

Colours available : Flamenco red, Perla champegne, Minimal Grey, Hip hop black.

Final word. it is a good looking semi-luxury sedan with value for the money spent. No one will feel sad after buying a Fiat Linea. I will gave an overall rating of 7.75 /10

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