Some tips for extending your car’s life.

Posted in Technical by Manu E Nampoothiri on September 9, 2008

Car is now a part of life and, so it shouldn’t be considered only as a machine but as a friend or our body as such. Care is to be taken over every section of driving and all over the car.
Firstly think that the car is a living thing and so it has pain and will do reaction to our every actions, so do good things to a car. And caring it, will give us more attention on our car and also the attention will reduce damage and misuse of car and also the fuel. In my life car is like a brother or sister , I get pain when I do simple mistakes such as raising it rapidly and running it faster through dump. Also these mistakes pain your car, and these mistakes may lead to uneven wear of moving parts and thus reduces the life of the vehicle.
I am trying to give a simple guidance as what to ‘do’ and ‘do not’.

Driving tips

Driving tips

  • While starting a car look for the fuel level and the A/C switch. If the A/C switch is on, switch it off . The reason is that every IC engines are made to START and STOP on no-load. Do not raise the engine when you start the engine from a cool temperature, because the engine should be gradually heated and the rapid heating may affect the engine material thermally.
  • Air conditioner is an machine which requires more engine power and thus more fuel. So use the air-conditioner if necessary. In most of cars A/C will consume about 20% of fuel in addition. Thus it will affect the fuel efficiency of engine. Kindly don’t use A/C in lower gears and greater speeds, Since lower gears run at low RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) thus require more power to run the A/C. At high speed (above 70Km/hr). the engine will use about 15% of extra fuel. Now imagine, you are running your car at a speed of 75 kmph and the A/C is working, the fuel usage will be 20% + 15% that is 35% extra or 135% of normal rate. The wearing out of the moving parts yet not considered.

While Driving

  • Usually we are not going to a rally or car race, so please do not accelerate rapidly by applying full throttle. Since each and every car will have a maximum limit of acceleration (eg:  0-60 in 11secs). If we apply more fuel the engine will not be able to deliver that much acceleration. Thus wasting the extra amount of fuel supplied. These large amount of fuel will produce huge combustion inside the engine cylinder, which may lead to cracking the walls.
  • After you have completed the needed gear shift, remove immediately your foot from the clutch pedal. If you put legs on the clutch pedal, there will be application of clutch in small percentage. This is enough to reduce the efficiency of transmission and increase the worn out of frictional surface in side the clutch plates. Remember, don’t run vehicles on half clutch for more time.
  • Run the car at a moderate speed of 50-70 Kmph, which is controllable and economical in most of the cars. Thus reduce chance of accidents.
  • Drive carefully so that the CAR, YOU and the PASSENGERS are comfortable. Don’t take risky tasks while driving at high speeds.
  • The Best feature of a good driver is his ability to make the journey much comfortable and also smoother. For that the breaking and shifting of gears should be in a smooth way. Larger breaking speeds will reduce the appeal of passengers on driver. Slow down when a hump or dump is in front, so that the passengers will not get oscillated up and down.
  • Do not turn the vehicle at high speed, since it will drag the passengers through one another and feel lack of comfort.
  • Obey the traffic rules.
  • Take the vehicle to routine service regularly and get advice from the service personnel.
  • Fill the fuel at cool time of the day, so that the fuel quantity will not be less.
  • Change the engine oil, transmission oil at regular periods.
  • Check the air pressure in the four tyre once/twice in a month. Get 1pound extra if the load on the vehicle is increased by 50kg.
  • Check coolant liquid level before going for every drive.
  • Please do not drive on alcohol, since the brain and hand, leg coordination will not be in good condition. Saving a life is better that driving after drinking.
  • Avoid driving at late nights, as our brain may get asleep without our permission.
  • Use indicators and hand signals at required situations.
  • Do not use any accessories that is not genuine. Especially for the machine parts only use genuine spares, since the non genuine parts may increase worn out and adversely affect the machine performance.
  • Do not use any additives in the fuel for increasing fuel efficiency or power, because it will gradually kill the engine parts.
  • Reduce use of the reverse gear, since the reversing will take about 1.5 time a the fuel which is needed for moving forward

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