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Posted in Car Review by Manu E Nampoothiri on August 16, 2008

“500 smiles welcome the Fiat 500 to India” says Fiat india.

fiat is doing the finishing touches to establish it’s stability in Indian market.They are targeting fiat 500 model to do all these success for them. The Fiat 500 small car will be imported to India as a completely built unit, as an image building exercise for the car maker in the country. The Fiat 500 as a mass market product in India, considering that it will cost more than much larger cars in India, like the Skoda Octavia or Honda Civic. The Fiat 500 will be a flagship model for the company – Fiat’s image has not really recovered in India after their initial hiccups in the late 1990s. Their alliance with Tata Motors in India has taken care of the negativity somewhat, but customers are still nervous about going in for a Fiat. A high end, iconic model (for India) like the Fiat 500 should go some way in restroing Fiat’s credibility in India.

Unlike other companies like Honda, Hyundai, Skoda, etc giving medium level luxury sedan for the price. The fiat 500 will cost about 13 lacs(or above) rupees. Where the car is having the technical specifications as listed
Engine : 1400cc-petrol | 1200cc-petrol | 1248cc-diesel(multijet),
Power : 100 bhp | 69 bhp | 75 bhp,
Torque : about 14.8kgm@1500 rpm for diesel.
Lenght : 3.55 metres | – | – | ,
It is having seven airbags for advanced security. And has many added facilities such as engine meets Euro-5 norms, 185-litre boot space.

Fiat 500 in India

Fiat 500 in India


Two door(first in this class),

Three variant engines,

Fiats label.


Unacceptable price,

High cost on spares,

Existing luxury sedans starting from Swift Dzire, Honda City, Civic, Suzuki SX4, Skoda Octavia, etc with pricing less than Fiat-500.

My Expectation

In my opinion the fiat-500 will not be able to succeed in india. Lowering the cost may promote sales. Which is not possible, since above 75 percent of components are imported. Two or three may get sold in an year ;).

My opinion is not what that is going to happen., you can also give your opinion. Comments please.

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